Enigma 1749

Spoiler for New Scientist Enigma 1749: “Genotype” (Follow the link to see the puzzle.)

This is pretty easy. Writing it as a multiplication and filling in the numbers we’re already given we have

9E0 x E9IGMA = 5CIE9TI5T

The left side is a multiple of 10, so the right side is too: T = 0:

9E0 x E9IGMA = 5CIE90I50

or, dividing by 10,

9E x E9IGMA = 5CIE90I5

 Now either E or A (or both) must be 5, and the other must be odd; but to get 5 as the first digit on the right E must be 5:

95 x 59IGMA = 5CI590I5

 and whatever IGMA is, 95 x 59IGMA is between 5605000 and 56999905 so C is 6:

95 x 59IGMA = 56I590I5

 Of the 10 possibilities for I, only one makes 56I590I5 a multiple of 95: I = 3, with 56359035/95 = 593253.

So G = 2 and GENETICS = 25950365.



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