An honor just to be nominated

Rich’s p16 came in at 11th place in the 2016 Pattern of the Year awards. First place was never even a remote possibility, not in a year that produced the Caterloopillar and the Copperhead. (I actually thought the latter would win handily, but I guess that’s just my relative lack of interest in engineered spaceships showing.)

Rich’s p16

Here’s a new period 16 oscillator:p16

The stubby wiki page says I discovered it, which is silly of course: all I did was install apgsearch and run it looking at D2_+1 soups in standard Life (B3/S23). I was asleep when it found this and woke up to find it’d been tweeted, retweeted, reported on the forum, used to make a smaller p48 gun, deemed awesome, and written up on the wiki.